October 2021 Sparkle Gazette

Hello Kiwanis Family:

I am honored to be sharing with you the first edition of the “Sparkle Gazette,” my monthly newsletter. In each edition, I will share information from different committee chairs and important district information. It will be sent to all club members to their email addresses listed with Kiwanis International. This newsletter is an opportunity for me to share ideas, highlight service projects and provide regular information to all the New England and Bermuda members. 

I am excited to be working with a fantastic board I affectionately call “the sparkle squad.” We are all ready to have a year full of service and education. We will continue to make an impact in the communities that we serve.

When I come to visit the clubs in our district, I will have my Governors pins with me. The pins are $20 each and the funds from both the pin sales and the first daughters auction at conferences will be split among the following four groups (which are my preferred charities this Kiwanis year):

  • HAWC – Healing Abuse Working for Change www.Hawcdv.org
  • Children’s Friend & Family Services www.jri.org (my Mental Health Awareness cause)
  • Kiwanis International Children’s Fund
  • Kiwanis Foundation of New England 

I am looking forward to seeing everyone in North Conway NH in November for Fall Conference. This will be an event full of education, service, and fellowship. Don’t forget we will be next door to the outlets, so plenty of shopping! For more information and to register, go to newenglandkiwanis.org.

As we continue to give to our communities and our fellow Kiwanis members remember to always lead with a “Kiwanis Heart.”

Governor Gayla
Putting the Sparkle in Kiwanis


Your brand new Dynamic District Membership Team of Six is ready to help any clubs, particularly those below charter strength (less than 15 Members), who are looking for assistance either in growing membership or community service/ fund raising all in the name of the Kiwanis mission of “Improving the World One Community and One Child at a Time”.

Watch for exciting news coming soon about new clubs we will be opening as well as a District Wide Membership promotion we will be starting in January.

Your membership committee representative will be reaching out to the Lt. Governors and or clubs soon to set up a plan for the year.  If you have any questions related to membership please contact Membership Chairperson Bob Willey here:


The Leadership Development & Education Committee is coordinating monthly virtual workshops so you can participate in free Kiwanis learning from home!

Monthly workshops will take place on the first Wednesday of each month for one hour at 7:00 p.m. Eastern Time / 8:00 p.m. Atlantic Time. All sessions will be held via Zoom.

Find out more here.


Why are logos important? Logos are an organization’s identity. The logo, in one small image, conveys the dynamics of a brand and when used well, breeds the most important thing… Familiarity and memorability.

The best logos are simple, versatile, and timeless. The Kiwanis logo is no different. As we work together to promote our clubs, we also work to promote Kiwanis as an organization. And as we promote the overall organization, that logo provides our individual clubs with the benefits of a brand that is more than 100 years old.

How many times do you drive into a town and notice the signs on the side of the road promoting the charitable entities in that town? The K has become, over generations, a symbol of service. The more we can use it, the more we identify with our past and the more we grow towards the future.

Using the logo allows us to extend the Kiwanis brand. As you continue to do the incredible charitable efforts in your community, whenever possible, include the logo. That means in your newspaper ads, flyers, mailers and most importantly in your social media. The more you use it, the more we can solidify our identity of service.

Yours in Kiwanis

Adam Wright
District Marketing Chair


Join the Past Lt. Governor’s Committee!

Membership in the PLGC is open to any Kiwanian who has served as a Lieutenant Governor of any Kiwanis International District and who is an active member in good standing of a Kiwanis Club in the New England District.

The PLGC meets during each District conference and convention. Members are available to assist current Lieutenant Governors and their clubs. A great deal of Kiwanis expertise exists among these former Lieutenant Governors and you can access their help by clicking here:


Distinguished Criteria 2021-2022

(All entries must be submitted via a web-based Google form at the end of the Kiwanis year)

Kiwanis Divisions:
Must have completed:

  • Visit each club in your division (in-person or virtually)
  • Plan a Governor’s visit that is a multi-division service project
  • Complete monthly reports by the 10th of the following month
  • Organize 2 division council meetings (1 can be the caucus)
  • Hold the division caucus no later than the second week in April
  • Attend all District board meetings

Complete 4 out of 7:

  • Net gain in membership in the division
  • Build a new club in the division
  • Support clubs within the division with fewer than 15 members to increase 50% of those clubs to above 15 members
  • Promote brand awareness in the division (encourage clubs to use the Kiwanis Brand guide and help them to create or find resources for public-facing content)
  • Attend a club building day in another division
  • Support one of Governor Gayla’s preferred programs / projects through organizing a service project or fundraiser
  • Publish one Yankiwanian article about your division events

Must have completed:

  • Increase in membership by the club by 10% (for clubs over 50 members, plus 5)
  • Sponsorship/support of Service Leadership Programs
  • Training & Compliance for Youth Protection (all sponsored SLPs have a Kiwanis Advisor appointed with a background check and Praesidium training complete)

Complete 5 out of 7:

  • Participation by the club president-elect and officers-elect in Club Leadership Education training
  • Financial support of the Kiwanis Foundation of New England or the Kiwanis Children’s Fund
  • Club attendance at Fall Training Conference, Midwinter Conference, District Convention, or International Convention
  • Completion of a signature project
  • Attendance at one inter-club event
  • Attendance at a multi-division service project
  • Publishing 4 Kiwanis project-related posts either on social media, Yankiwanian, or in local publication

Download a PDF copy of the Distinguished Criteria.