Irving Talberth Award



A good secretary is important to every Kiwanis Club. The New England and Bermuda District has instituted the “Irving Talberth Trophy” in recognition of the District’s outstanding club secretary. The recipient will receive this award, named in honor of Irving Talberth, who was our first permanent District Secretary.

The winner’s name, club & year the award was presented will be printed on a plate on the base of the large, silver, cup on  permanent display at the District Office. The cup is also displayed at the District Convention. The winner will receive a replica or other tangible evidence of his/her having won the award, as a permanent reminder.

Lieutenant Governors or clubs wishing to submit nominations should contact the District Secretary by July 15. Each division/club may submit names of nominees to the District Secretary for selection of the award winner. Recordkeeping and reporting make up the main criteria for the selection of the outstanding secretary. The guidelines are as follows:

100% of the following

  1. District & International dues paid by November 30.
  2. Official monthly reports postmarked no later than the 10th of the following month.
  3. Certification of Election of Delegates to International Convention 30 days prior to International Convention.
  4. Certification of Election of Delegates to District Convention.
  5. Certification of Election of succeeding year’s club officers by May 31.

Any two of the following

  1. Attendance at International Convention.
  2. Attendance at District Convention.
  3. Attendance at any District conference.
  4. Attendance at divisional Governor’s Visit.

The following points may be kept in mind when making recommendations: 

  • Maintaining complete records on membership, club and board meetings
  • Reminding committee chairs to report to the secretary
  • Informing treasurer of member billing and accounts payable.


  1. Submitting all required reports promptly, accurately, and thoroughly.
  2. Report all new members and departing members immediately.
  3. Answering all correspondence promptly.
  4. Report financial obligations of club to Board for action and prompt payment.
  5. Reporting names of members who have transferred to other clubs.

Other Considerations

  1. Assisting with club bulletin.
  2. Number of years of service as a club secretary
  3. Assistance given club president and Division lieutenant governor.

Past Winners

2022-2023 Pratricia Swan (Hamilton, Bermuda)
2021-2022 Geana Delisle (Westfield, MA)
2020-2021 -not presented-
2019-2020 -not presented-
2018-2019 -not presented-
2017-2018 Roger Couture (Sanford, ME)
2016-2017 Paul LeFleur (Berlin, NH)
2015-2016 Robert Uzenoff (Weston, CT)
2014-2015 Tracie Kester (Westfield, MA)
2013-2014 Mike Ward (Keene, NH)
2012-2013 Ann Beale (Natick, MA)
2011-2012 Fred Bishop (Hooksett, NH)
2010-2011 -not presented-
2009-2010 Joseph Todd (Sheffield, MA)
2008-2009 William Barney (Revere, MA)
2007-2008 Kelly Silvestri (Westfield, MA)
2006-2007 Robert Prew (Lower Cape Cod, MA)
2005-2006 Philip DuBois (Norway-Paris, ME)
2004-2005 John Torrence III (Hampden, ME)
2003-2004 James Eldredge (Central Cape, MA)
2002-2003 David Lockwood (Dover-Foxcroft, ME)
2001-2002 Earl Cook (Knox County, ME)
2000-2001 Arthur Tilley, Jr. (Bangor, ME)

1999-2000 Bruce Mackey (Everett, MA)
1998-1999 Thomas Schofield (Dover, NH)
1997-1998 W. Craig Barber (Waterbury, CT)
1996-1997 Manny Valente (Plymouth, MA)
1995-1996 Russell Jenkins (Standish, ME)
1994-1995 Ugo San Antonio (Lawrence, MA)
1993-1994 Harold Bowers (Waltham, MA)
1992-1993 Robert Covell (Orono-Old Town, ME)
1991-1992 Joseph Cannata Sr. (New Britain, CT)
1990-1991 Frederick Crawford (Arlington, MA)
1989-1990 Ann Beale (Natick, MA)
1988-1989 Michael Pane (Danbury, CT)
1987-1988 -not presented-
1986-1987 Robert Nissenbaum (Somerville, MA)
1985-1986 Harold McKenney (Mt. Washington Valley, NH)
1984-1985 Leroy Linnell (Lewiston-Auburn, ME)
1983-1984 Lawrence Nason (Revere, MA)
1982-1983 Merle Porell (Sanford, ME)
1981-1982 Joseph Cannata Sr. (New Britain, CT)
1980-1981 Richard Breton (Laconia, NH)
1979-1980 Charles Monteith (Knox County, ME)