Distinguished Criteria 2022-2023

Distinguished Clubs (President and Secretary receive Distinguished recognition):
Must complete each of these:

  • Increase in membership from October 1, 2022, to September 30, 2023
  • Completion of a signature project by the club
  • Sponsorship/support of a Service Leadership Program
  • Financial support of Kiwanis Children’s Fund or Kiwanis Foundation of New England
  • Monthly Reports completed by the due date
  • Participation by club president-elect and officers-elect in club officer training
  • Club members attend Division Leadership Retreat

Pinnacle Clubs:

  • Growth (Must accomplish two of three)
    • Minimum of 10% net increase in membership over the prior year’s membership, as certified by October 10, 2023.
    • Sponsorship of a new Kiwanis club during the year.
    • Participation in the Two For Two program all 12 months of the year, as reported in the club’s official monthly reports.
  • SERVICE (Must accomplish two of three)
    • Minimum required increase in overall giving to the Kiwanis Children’s Fund (as determined by the Children’s Fund).
    • Participation in the Kiwanis Signature Project Contest during the administrative year.
    • Increase in the number of specific or overall Service Leadership Programs clubs in good standing during the previous administrative year.

Distinguished Divisions:
Lieutenant Governor must complete each of these:

  • Visit each club in your division
  • Hold a Governor’s visit
  • Complete monthly reports by the 10th of the following month
  • Organize and hold two Division Council Meetings (one can be the caucus)
  • Hold the Division caucus no later than April 15
  • Attend all District Board meetings
  • Facilitate leadership retreat in Division

Lieutenant Governor must complete four of these:

  • Net gain in membership in the Division
  • Publish one article in the Yankiwanian about events in your Division
  • Support succession planning by filling the Lt. Governor position following your term and have in place a candidate for the term after your replacement
  • Build or assist in building a new Kiwanis Family Club in your Division
  • Assist with building a club in another Division
  • Each club in your Division implements the Two for Two initiative
  • Assist the clubs that are below 15 members in your Division with building membership to charter strength

Distinguished District:

  • The district must be in good standing with Kiwanis International as defined by Procedure 204 – DISTRICT STATUS as of September 30, 2023.
  • Growth (Must accomplish one of two)
    • Net gain in membership over the previous Kiwanis administrative year, as certified by October 10, 2023.
    • Achievement of the new club opening goal, as set by agreement of the president and governor (as president-elect and governor-elect). A district may achieve new club opening credit for a Kiwanis club in another nation under any program approved as such by the Kiwanis International Board.
  • SERVICE AND EDUCATION (Must accomplish three of five)
    • Minimum required increase in overall giving to the Kiwanis Children’s Fund over the previous Kiwanis administrative year from all district sources (as determined by the Children’s Fund).
    • Total of at least three (3) new K-Kids clubs chartered within the district during the administrative year.
    • Submission of a club signature project in the Kiwanis International annual Signature Project Contest.
    • Increase in Club Leadership Education (CLE) participation over the previous administrative year.
    • Achievement of 90% compliance in mandatory background checks among all required leaders.

Pinnacle District:

  • GROWTH (Must accomplish all)
    • Meet the above requirements to become a Distinguished District.
    • Achieve a net gain in active Kiwanis clubs over the previous Kiwanis administrative year (as certified by October 10, 2023).
    • Charter a total of five (5) new K-Kids clubs over the previous Kiwanis administrative year.