Past Lieutenant Governors Committee


Chair: Foster Crawford (email: [email protected])
Vice Chair: Matthew Barrett
Immediate Past Chair: Paul Lefleur
Secretary: Christopher Holden


Bermuda – Leleath Bailey (2021-2023)
Connecticut – Patrick Tokarz (2022-2024)
​Maine – Donna Roberts (2022-2024)
Massachusetts – Gail Calvao (2021-2023)
New Hampshire – Lindy Falconer (2021-2023)
Rhode Island – Bill Francis (2022-2024)
Vermont – Midge Lubot (2021-2023)

Mission Statement

The mission of the Past Lieutenant Governors Committee shall be:
a) To continue to expand the friendship built up during service on the New England District Board of Trustees and to form and continue new friendships.
b) To afford advice and counsel to the New England District of Kiwanis International, its Board of Trustees, and its Governor.
c) To afford to the District a pool of Kiwanians experienced in District matters for use when required, of the District, the Board of Trustees, and its Governor.
d) To assure that Past Lieutenant Governors remain active within their divisions and in the New England District.
e) To mentor and act as a resource to present Lt. Governors.  
f) To present information at conferences and in the District publications such as the Yankiwanian and the District website highlighting what needs to happen within each division relating to division council meetings, caucus details, governor’s visit information and other information from the District as necessary. (Adopted August 20, 2011)

About the PLGC

For many years, Past Lieutenant Governors of the New England District felt there was a need to share their gained experience as a LTG, not only with their respective Club and Division, but also with the entire New England District. 

On September 5, 1980, at the District Convention in Hyannis, MA, the first meeting of the PLGC took place. There were 59 PLG’s present to adopt by-laws and elect officers and directors.

Dr. Bernard “Bernie” Poller was elected as the first Chairman of the PLGC

PLGC Purposes
The purpose of the Committee, as stated in Article VII, Section 12 of the Policy Manual of the New England District of Kiwanis International (revised to March 7, 2010), is to consider all matters referred to it as well as all matters initiated by it and report to the Board of Trustees of the District and/or the Governor of the District. At the request of the Board of Trustees, the Past District Lieutenant Governors Committee may from time to time be directed to assist and carry out certain District programs or projects. The Committee shall meet at the time of the Annual District Convention (the “Annual Meeting”) and at other times as it may determine.

PLGC Projects

  • Outstanding Lieutenant Governor Award
  • Scholarships
  • Donations to various Kiwanis causes

PLGC Meetings
The PLGC meets during each District conference and convention.

Who Can Join?
Membership in the PLGC is open to any Kiwanian who has served as a Lieutenant Governor of any Kiwanis International District and who is an active member in good standing of a Kiwanis Club in the New England District.

There are no dues or fees to join.  Although no application form is required, we ask that each member fill out the Membership Contact Form below.

PLGC Membership Contact Form

Past Lieutenant Governor's Committee