2023-2024 Inclusive Club Commendation

Thank you for your commitment to serving the children of the world!

A Kiwanis or Circle K Chapter has the opportunity to earn a district commendation for being
an Inclusive Club. This recognition is granted for the chapter’s efforts in establishing
objectives that contribute to creating an accessible and welcoming environment within the
club. To qualify for this commendation, please review the outlined criteria. You should
choose a minimum of 12 Action Steps from the list, work towards accomplishing these
objectives, and then communicate your achievements to the District Chair for Social Change
& Equity by August 1st in writing detailing how you have completed each item. As a token of appreciation for your diligent work, your club will be presented with a certificate signed by the District Governor. Furthermore, every member of your club will be awarded a button or pin acknowledging their involvement.

Some of these actions may introduce novel concepts that you may not have previously
considered. We encourage you to approach each action with an open mindset, a heart
dedicated to service, and a touch of enthusiasm. If any of these actions seem unfamiliar, we
recommend conducting additional research. Feel free to reach out to our District Chair for
extra assistance via email.

Karl Uzcategui, [email protected]
District Social Change & Equity Chair

GoalWhy This Matters?Action Steps
Make it affordableNumerous individuals within our community aspire to be part of Kiwanis, yet financial constraints hinder their participation. By removing certain economic obstacles to membership, we can enhance the inclusivity of our clubs and, in turn, broaden our community.-Provide the choice for members to opt-in or opt-out of paying for the meal during meetings.
-Establish a dues system with different tiers that consider varying levels of financial capability.
-Allocate grants to support attendance or travel to events organized by the District or Kiwanis International.
-Extend a first-year membership discount to individuals who are affiliated with partnering (local) organizations.
Redefine OutreachExpanding our membership numbers and more accurately representing our communities allows us to better serve because we strive to be “one” with the community instead of partners.-Engage in a joint project with another service organization within the community.
-Promote a more casual dress code for meetings.
-Request three members of your club to contribute brief articles to the District Editor, outlining their reasons for joining Kiwanis.
(Email: [email protected])
Build TraditionsCertain customs might discourage individuals from attending future meetings. For instance, a person who isn’t religious might feel uneasy participating in a non-religious group prayer. Consider the implications of each tradition and assess whether they promote inclusivity or lead to exclusion.-Replace prayers, fines, or fees during meetings with a fresh tradition, like sharing Roses & Thorns (high and lows) of the Week or having an opening reflection.

-Introduce a Member Spotlight segment at the start of each meeting to foster better acquaintance among members and enhance their public speaking abilities.

-Urge members to include their names when introducing themselves. Have name tags (can be the stick-ons) at every meetings.
Educate yourself and othersEnsuring a comprehensive understanding of Social Change & Equity throughout our district is of paramount importance. As a leader within your club, the responsibility falls on you to create learning opportunities that broaden the horizons of others and encourage impactful discussions.-Have at least 30% of Club Membership attend a District workshop focused on diversity, equity, or inclusion. This can be virtual or in person at a conference. Attendance also counts towards the Governor’s Distinguish Awards Criteria.
-Enrich your meetings (at least 2) by featuring a new speaker who addresses topics centered around diversity, equity, and inclusion within community service or when supporting children.
Make it accessibleThere are community members who desire to attend our meetings, but are hindered by work commitments, childcare responsibilities, or early morning schedules. To maximize inclusivity and retention, it’s crucial to thoughtfully consider what arrangements would be most suitable for the broader community.-Rethink your meeting schedule. Is it accommodating for individuals with work commitments? Are your meetings suitable for families? (Take notes on your reflections and the actions you plan on taking – this discussion should occur during a club or board meeting)

-Consider the venue of your club gatherings. Does it create an inclusive atmosphere? Would organizing carpool options be beneficial? Can certain or all meetings continue virtually through platforms like Zoom? This can include hybrid options. (Document your considerations – this should occur during a club or board meeting)

-Grant live stream access to your meetings for those who might face attendance challenges. This can be achieved through platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Zoom.
Affirm your club’s commitmentBe transparent with potential members about your club’s core values and the deliberate efforts you’re taking to bring about positive changes. This openness can greatly appeal to prospective members.-Collaborate with the District Social Chair & Equity Chair to ensure that your current club materials are both fair and inclusive.
-On your club’s membership page, utilize specific and welcoming language or promote a statement of inclusion:
  -Club Example: “We are dedicated to mirroring the diversity of our community. We encourage individuals of all genders, races, sexual orientations, nationalities, abilities, veteran status, and educational backgrounds to connect with us.”
-Develop posts (at least 5) centered on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) for your social media platforms, highlighting your advancements towards meeting these citation objectives.
-Expand your club’s newsletter or website with a DE&I segment that underlines your club’s dedication to DE&I and enlightens your readers about relevant subjects.
Kiwanis International Resources: https://www.kiwanis.org/members/club-toolbox/diversity-equity-and-inclusion/

Download as a .pdf for your club

Please email [email protected] detailing the 10 steps your club took based on criteria goals listed above and any links or attachments as evidence by August 1, 2024.

Upcoming Webinars- register here (these count towards the education requirement above):