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Membership in a local Kiwanis club opens up networking and community service opportunities that you might otherwise never experience. Kiwanians volunteer their service to making an impact in the world by concentrating on one child and one community at a time.

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Current Membership Initiatives for Kiwanis Clubs

Reimbursement for New Member Add Fees

The District is reimbursing the $56 New Member Add Fees charged by Kiwanis International for all Kiwanis Members added between October 1, 2020 and September 30, 2021. If the member already paid your club for these fees, you can request reimbursement to the member. Alternatively, your club can opt not to charge the member and get reimbursed directly from the District. This program allows all new members to join free in 2020-2021!

Membership Madness

From April through September, 2021, the Membership Committee is launching an initiative to encourage Kiwanis Clubs above charter strength (15 or more members) to partner with Kiwanis Clubs under charter strength (fewer than 15 members) and help these smaller clubs grow. The Membership Committee will award prizes in May, July, and September.

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COVID-19 Dues Assistance Grant Program

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to have an enormous effect on individuals and families around the world. The New England and Bermuda District recognizes that members may be facing several challenges related to the pandemic, including but not limited to: financial hardship, health complications, changes in work status, and childcare changes.

Our district values our members and the positive impact on the communities in which they live. We would like to support you through a special one-time COVID-19 Dues Assistance Grant Program. The application will be reviewed on a rolling basis until 9/30/2021. Applications will be reviewed monthly.

Dues Overview

Kiwanis dues consist of International dues, District dues, Club dues, Kiwanis Magazine fee, and Insurance fees. Dues vary depending on membership type. Below is an overview for the most common dues scenarios for Kiwanis members in the New England and Bermuda District.

Member TypeMost Kiwanis MembersLife Members*Family Members*SLP Alumni (Years 1 + 2)*
International Dues$52$0$26$0
District Dues$25$25$12.50$0
Subtotal (before Club dues)$102$77$55.50$25

Life Members – Kiwanians who achieve life member status pay $780 one time (15 times annual International Dues) and are then not charged International Dues from then on. Please note, this only applies to the member’s primary Kiwanis Club. If a life member joins a second Kiwanis Club, they will be charged full dues for that second club. Learn more here.

Family Members – This program has been discontinued. However, Kiwanians who became Family Members during the trial period are “grandfathered in” and continue to receive the discount. Family Membership designates one primarily member in the household who pays full dues. Other household members may be designated as Family Members. They are charged 1/2 International Dues, 1/2 District Dues, full insurance fees, and no magazine fee.

SLP Alumni – alumni of Key Club, Circle K, and other SLPs may join Kiwanis at a discounted rate. In the year they join (“Year 0”), both Kiwanis International and the District waive the New Member Add Fee (see below), making that first year free. Then, their first two full years thereafter (“Years 1 and 2”), both Kiwanis International and the District waive their dues, but not magazine or insurance.

New Member Add Fees

New Kiwanis members are not charged dues in the year they join. Instead, regardless of when during the year (October 1 through September 30) they join, they are charged a New Member Add Fee.

New Member TypeMost New Kiwanis MembersSLP Alumni (“Year 0”)
International New Member Add Fee$50$0
District New Member Add Fee$6$0
Total New Member Add Fee$56$0

Tips to Lower your Club Dues

If your Kiwanis Club is looking for a way to limit the amount it charges members for dues, here are some things to consider:

  • Insurance Fees ($17 per member) can be paid using your club’s service account. Kiwanis Insurance covers your Kiwanis Club when engaging in community service activities, and can therefore be paid using service funds as an overhead cost of your club’s service initiatives.
  • Kiwanis Magazine ($8 per member) can be paid using the club’s administrative account. If you wish to offer certain members (i.e., new members, younger members, SLP alumni, etc.) a lower dues rate, consider subsidizing their magazine cost.
  • If your club has a healthy administrative account, consider creating programs for Kiwanis members to pay dues monthly or quarterly. This will require your club to cover the entire cost to Kiwanis International upfront.
  • The club can use payment applications such as PayPal, Venmo or Square to provide the option to members to use a credit card and pay their dues off slowly.