Midwinter Conference

March 13-15, 2020
Holiday Inn, Mansfield, MA

Midwinter Conference is Cancelled.

Important message from Governor John Falconer regarding Midwinter Conference

Hello Kiwanians,

For the past few days we have been monitoring the situation with the Coronavirus and the effect it would have on our Mid-Winter Conference this coming weekend. As the days progressed, the spread of the virus continued to expand so that it now involves far more than it did a week ago. The outlook over the next days and weeks does not look any better.

Over the weekend I asked Bart Stevens to determine what the cost to the District would be if we were to cancel the event. Bart was able to report back that the Holiday Inn in Mansfield would waive all fees and charges if we cancelled by 5 PM Monday. Once it was determined that there would be no financial impact on the District, I made the decision to cancel the event and refund all registration and meal fees paid.

The decision to cancel was not taken lightly and it was a hard decision to make. But when consideration was given for the health of our attendees there really was only one alternative.

The hotel is going to make a mass cancellation of all room reservations made as part of our block of rooms. If you made your room reservation and received the Kiwanis rate there is no need to call the hotel and cancel. However if you made a reservation outside of our block of rooms you need to call and cancel the room. If you were quoted a rate other than $112 per night, you need to call and cancel your reservation.

Thank you for your understanding and also thank you for your continued commitment to Kiwanis and the communities we serve.

Governor John