February 2020 Young Children Bulletin

Good Morning Fellow Kiwanians! UPDATE READING CORNER IN LAUNDROMAT PROJECT IN NEW ENGLAND DISTRICT IT’S NOT TOO LATE TO ESTABLISH A READING CORNER! The Manchester New Hampshire Club has established a Reading Corner in a local laundromat. Thank… Read More

January 2020 Young Children Newsletter

Good Morning Fellow Kiwanians! This month I will focus on EasterSeals which focuses on helping children (and adults) with disabilities. The Mission of EasterSeals EasterSeals is working to create a world where: Each child born with a disability… Read More

December 2019 Young Children Bulletin

Good Morning fellow Kiwanians! Fact: Medical equipment, treatment and facilities designed for adults just don’t fit when treating an ill or injured child. Fact: It costs around four times as much money to treat a child as it does to… Read More

November 2019 Young Children Newsletter

THE MARCH OF DIMES (MOD) : A GREAT PARTNERSHIP Good morning fellow Kiwanians! As many of you know I was born prematurely at 6 months. I have dealt with impaired vision issues my whole life due to impaired… Read More

October 2019 Young Children Newsletter

Good Morning Fellow Kiwanians! I am the New England District Chair for YOUNG CHILDREN. This program focuses on the needs of young children with an emphasis on infants and youngsters ages 0 to 8) I have been your District… Read More

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