August 2020 Young Children Newsletter

Good morning Fellow Kiwanians!

I hope you are well during these challenging times! And I hope you are finding ways to continue working with your Kiwanis club.

Are you looking for a new project?

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, masks must be worn at all times by educators in group situations. Wearing masks can have a negative impact on babies, birth through 3 years of age. It is most important that these children see the faces of their caregivers as they provide protection, love and security. Clear face masks make this possible. A young child’s  brain development and mental health, especially their emotional health, are so important during these early stages of life; learning happens through relationships. Seeing a caregiver’s whole face is essential in language development and brain development.

Interactions with caregivers are the way in which babies learn about themselves and the world.

Specifically babies and young children require visual input from faces in their caregiving interactions in order to develop strong, healthy brain connections.

How Can Kiwanians Help?

Provide clear face masks to pre-school or early childhood education centers in your community.

Clear masks can be purchased on line at:

Amazon prime

4Pcs Solid Color Reusable Clear Mask, Face Bandanas with Clear Window, Visible Expression for Adults, Indoors and Outdoors for Deaf and Hard Of Hearing (Navy) 4 pack for $4.82

Also clear masks may be found at websites for the deaf or hearing impaired.

Here is a project that can make a positive impact in the lives of young children…our Kiwanis mission!

Ava Adams,  District Chair Young Children,
Committee Member, Kiwanis International Committee on Young Children
Scarborough Maine Kiwanis Club
New England and Bermuda District of Kiwanis
email: [email protected]