Young Children Priority One Ideas in a COVID-19 World

  1. Give or continue to give financially to food distribution centers (ie. Table, Food  Banks , Schools —Continuing to feed our children at this time is critical). Additionally, food pantries/banks/centers are experiencing not only increased demand for food but are getting increased inquiries about cleaning supplies and diapers.  
  2. Volunteer to help children with school work who are in the hospital (one on one virtually).
  3. Encourage members and the community to donate blood, if possible.  Blood donation is needed as supplies are at a critically low level.  Contact for an appointment.
  4. The budgets of early education and childcare centers that are open or that might be re-opening are under heavy strain.  Some centers may now have older children all day so ask them about items that may be needed for those children (Never gift a center without consulting the director or site manager.)  Check to see what needs centers might have and then discuss how your club might help meet those needs. Consider giving gift cards to providers.   Consider an appropriate socially distant fundraiser.
  5. Advocate with your local and state elected officials urging them to support early education/childcare.  With government budgets at all levels under heavy stress, many will view early education/childcare as an easy target unless they hear from groups like Kiwanis.
  6. Support school aged students kids who depend on 2 or even 3 meals a day at school.  Reach to your local district and ask them how to help.
  7. Offer parents who might be suffering from new stresses the opportunity to have support by organizing discussion and sharing groups. 
  8. Child abuse could be on the rise.  Contact local agencies to see if there is some way you can help them reach out – like manning a phone help line.
  9. Set up programs explaining (with cool analogies and graphics) COVID-19 to kids, especially when a second wave later in the summer sounds likely: graphics/2020/03/20/coronavirus-kids-has-changed-            everything/2864140001/
  10. Consider sponsoring a community Vroom session.  Early learning can happen anywhere, anytime, and parents, are you looking for FREE and easy to access resources? #Vroom has 1,000+ creative and fun ways to add learning to mealtime, bath time, bedtime, and more. You already have what it takes to be a brain builder! For more Vroom Tips, to download the Vroom App, or to sign up for Vroom By Text visit:
  11. The following link shares Remote learning resources for preschool through middle school age children from Tufts Medical Center in Boston, MA:
  12. Help your own members. Set up a “system” in your own club to make sure members and their families have the support and materials they need.